Turning Home Spaces into Speech Therapy Places

Embark on a personalized speech therapy adventure from home, driven by live expert guidance online.

Experienced Professional

At Home Convenience

Flexible Scheduling

What We Treat

  • Speech intelligibility
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Understanding Directions
  • Social Skills
  • Language Delay

Making Therapy A Game

Your child will engage in fun activities on screen using the award-winning Kanga online therapy platform, while Kelci interacts face-to-face with them, making therapy time feel like play.

Concerned About Your Child’s Development?

  • Does your child talk a lot, but you or others have difficulty understanding them?
  • Does your child have difficulty understanding or following directions?
  • Is your child slow to understand new words?

Early intervention can aid your child’s development before it impacts or delays school and social relationships.

Schedule an Evaluation

A Speech-Language Evaluation can provide you with the peace of mind that your child’s communication skills are where they should be.

An evaluation is the first step to connecting your child  with the speech and language therapy they may need.

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