Lehigh Valley Speech

Online Speech Therapy & Education for Families

Lehigh Valley Speech’s mission is to provide effective speech-language therapy services to kids that accessible, effective and convenient. We provide online speech therapy for children with:

Early Intervention
Articulation Disorders
Language Disorder
Social Communication

What is online speech therapy?


Online speech therapy, also known as telepractice is a service delivery model that connects you with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) by using a video connection on your computer. Our speech therapist offers the same individualized quality of service as in-person speech therapy.

Service Benefits

Improved Access To Care

Telepractice is an accessible service delivery model for families to receive speech therapy to support successful outcomes for children.

Flexible Scheduling

Telepractice creates flexibility for families who need to schedule speech therapy into their child’s weekly routine.

 You don’t need to stop what you are doing to take your child to an appointment.

 Our Speech Therapist will meet you where you are.

Happy Families

We follow best practice for assessment and treatment to support our parents and children.

Do you have access to a computer and an internet connection?
We can provide the same quality of service as in-person speech therapy.

We use a simple 4 step process


All therapy begins with a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation (our team meeting) where we will discuss your child, geographical location, and answer any questions you may have about our services.

Geographical Location

Your geographical location is established which allows the team to decide on an agreed upon time to meet.

Online Speech Therapy
Hawaii + Pennsylvania 


Speech and Language Evaluation

Evaluations with Lehigh Valley Speech are simple and convenient! We complete evaluations online through our video conferencing platform. Our goal is to help parents understand their child’s communication and language skills. 

  • Create goals that are personalized for the child’s needs and includes the child’s communication partners
  • Written report with findings from the evaluation


    Should therapy be needed, we will create a custom package to tailor treatment to the individual needs of the child and family to fit your schedule and needs – from home! 

    Speech Therapy takes places in online through a videoconferencing platform. Caregivers are included as active participants in the therapy process. We provide support and training as necessary.

    Online Speech Therapy Services

    Individual Speech Therapy

    The Speech-Language Pathologist will work with you to develop a customized therapy plan to address areas of concern. Therapy is always based on current research and driven by the needs and interests of our children and their families.


    What We Treat

    Late Language Emergence
    • Expressive Language Delay
    • Mixed Expressive & Receptive Language Delays
    Language Disorders
    • Spoken Language
    • Listening Comprehension
    • Written Language
    Speech Sound Disorders
    • Articulation
    • Phonology
    Communication Disorders
    •  Social Communication Deficits

    Speech-Language Evaluation

    An evaluation is performed by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist to identify current strengths and weaknesses. You will receive a complete written evaluation report, with formal assessment results, informal observations, background information, and recommendations.


    What We Assess

    • Speech Production
    • Language
    • Communication
    • Literacy Skills

    Frequently Asked Questions-Online Speech Therapy

    1. How do I know if online speech therapy will benefit my child?

    The telepractice model might not be appropriate for every child. An initial screening is necessary for determining if clients are a good fit for online speech therapy.

     We also offer in-person services as an option to online speech therapy to families living in the Lehigh Valley. Our therapist may suggest a hybrid approach, combining online speech therapy and onsite services.

    2. In what states do you offer online speech therapy?

    Ms. Kelci is licensed to practice in Hawaii and Pennsylvania.

    3. Will My Health Plan Pay for Online Speech Therapy?

    Contact your health plan first to make sure telepractice services for speech are covered. We can provide you documentation to submit to your insurance company. Payment for individual sessions is due 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

    4. What technology do I need for online speech therapy?

    The following equipment is necessary to participate in online speech therapy:

    + a computer with a built-in or external webcam and microphone

    + high-speed internet connection

    + an email account

    also, headphones may be helpful for some children

    5. How does online speech therapy work?

    We will have a team meeting to demonstrate the systems we’ll use and answer any questions. Prior to a session, email reminders (with backup contact information and links to video sessions) are provided.

    6. What happens if there are tech problems?

    Tech glitches happen. We will troubleshoot to solve the problem. If the problem is unable to be resolved, we will need to reschedule your session.

    7. How long is online speech therapy?

    The frequency and duration of therapy services are specific to the needs of each child and family. Your speech therapist will develop a treatment plan of care for your child and review recommendations. Together you will develop a schedule that works for your child and family.

    You can also learn more about our online service during our complimentary phone consultation.