Insurance & Fees

All pediatric speech therapy services are delivered virtually through telemedicine.

Lehigh Valley Speech is a participating provider with most insurances.
Capital Blue Cross Blue Shield
Horizon BCBS
AmeriHealth PA

Parents should receive a referral from their primary care physician for Lehigh Valley Speech if there is a concern regarding your child’s speech or language development. Parents can also check the online insurance portal to see if Lehigh Valley Speech is in-network.

Fax referrals to: 888-425-0442 

How do I check my insurance to see if Lehigh Valley Speech is in-network?

You can visit the online website of your insurance or call the number located on the back of your
insurance card to search for the provider’s name.

How do I receive a referral for speech therapy from my child’s doctor?

You should share your speech or language concern with your child’s primary care physician who may refer your child for speech therapy. All referrals for speech-language therapy can be faxed to Lehigh Valley Speech at 888-425-0442.

Obtaining a referral for speech therapy from your Primary Care Physician is often the first step towards a speech language evaluation.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover speech therapy?

Speech-language therapy has to be a medical necessity to be covered by insurance. Lehigh Valley Speech also accepts private pay for services.