Speech-Language Therapy and Evaluations for childRen

Lehigh Valley Speech Therapy

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Pediatric speech therapy services are delivered virtually through telehealth.

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Services and Treatments

Speech Therapy
Your child talks a lot, but you or others have difficulty understanding what is being said. Lehigh
Valley Speech specializes in treating a variety of speech sound disorders. We help teach your
child articulation placement and discrimination of speech sounds to improve speech intelligibility.

Language Therapy
Difficulties expressing words or understanding language can significantly impact your child’s
communication skills. Lehigh Valley Speech treats a variety of language disorders, helping your
child use and understand language with family and peers.

Speech and/or Language Evaluation
Standardized testing is completed for area(s) of concern. An articulation assessment looks at
speech sounds produced in error. A global language assessment assesses expressive and
receptive language skills.

Curious about online speech-language therapy?