Speech Therapy Online for childRen

I provide online speech therapy services in Lehigh & Northampton Counties and the surrounding areas. The speech therapy program focuses on early intervention, developmental language disorders and speech sound disorders for children ages 5-12.

I provide speech-language therapy for children with the following difficulties or conditions:

Early childhood language development
Articulation & Phonology
Language Disorders
Play Skills
Social difficulties 
Learning Disability 

What To Expect

Families can schedule with the therapist for preferred recurring therapy times. Other tools such as online scheduling, 48hour appointment reminders and securely paying online are available to parents.

Simple 3 step process


I offer a free, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation where you can discuss your child’s needs.

Initial assessment

Your child will complete a standardized speech and/or language test in the area(s) of concern. The information helps development a plan of care based on the child’s developmental age and communication needs.

Speech Therapy Online

Speech Language Therapy is provided online. Caregivers are included as active participants in the therapy process. I provide support and training as necessary.

Improving Social Skills

  • Joint attention
  • Eye contact
  • Conversational turns

Expanding Play Skills

  • Limitation
  • Turn-taking


  • Vocabulary
  • Following directions
  • Story recall

Written Language

  • Organization
  • Spelling
  • Grammar

Expanding Language Production

  • Labeling
  • Requesting
  • Commenting

Improving Intelligibility

  • Producing consonants accurately

Improving Literacy Skills

  • Print knowledge
  • Phonological skills

Narrative Language

  • Telling stories

You can also learn more about speech therapy online during a phone consultation.